Acupuncture Insurance

Acupuncture Policy Features

• Acupuncture Professional Healthcare: coverage is inclusive of the scope of
practice as allowed by license and State practice statutes.
• Definition of Claim: a written demand for money, suit, arbitration, or other legal proceeding
• Telemedicine
• Forensic Including Testimony
• Peer Review, Utilization Review, Medical Review Committees
• Publication of Books, Broadcasts, Cybercasts, Telecasting, etc.
• Clinical Teaching
• Clinical Trial
• Emergency Treatment
• Administrative Acts $50,000. Aggregate
• HIPAA $50,000 Aggregate
• Board Action Defense $50,000 Aggregate
• Billing Errors Defense $25,000 Aggregate
• Medicare/Medicaid Defense $25,000 Aggregate
• Deposition Expense $30,000 Aggregate
• Practice Interruption $2,500 Aggregate
• Assault Expense $30,000 Aggregate
• Privacy Breach Coverage $30,000. Aggregate
• Sub limit of liability for sexual abuse, $100,000 per claim, $300,000 Aggregate
• Defense cost in addition to the limit
• No Arbitration Warranty Requirements
• No restriction for use of injectables or homeopathic remedies
• Insured consent to settle in writing
• Practice Interruption in the event of death, disability or retirement $2,500. Aggregate
• Coverage for temporary/substitute

Business Liability Options
• Premises Liability
• Personal Injury and Advertising Liability Occurrence

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