Bruce began his insurance career in Connecticut after a ten year period in the Experimental Engineering department at Pratt & Whitney Aircraft. Bruce built a large book of business centered around aerospace contractors and after 5 years sold his agency and moved to Scottsdale to work for a regional Broker. He then arranged the sale of that agency to a national brokerage firm and became their Vice President and Marketing Manager. Bruce then joined Rollins Burdick Hunter as a Senior Vice President and member of the national marketing committee where he then recruited Lyle Cheeney to be the Marketing Manager of the Arizona office.

In 1987 Bruce left RBH to start a brokerage dedicated to the healthcare community. He promptly brought in two insurance companies to provide competition on hospital and physician professional liability resulting in a 40% rate reduction to those classes of business. Over the next several years Medical Indemnity Group provided risk management and insurance coverage to many of the rural Arizona hospitals, ER groups, and staff physicians. Bruce serves as Chief Executive Officer and Sales Manager of Aegis Insurance Associates, LLC.